Create or curate?


There seems to be a new social network popping up every month. When these networks are new, you will usually see some exploratory time when people are figuring out how to use them and what exactly to post. Some networks are made for posting original content, while others are made for finding and re-posting the works of others. It drives me particularly batty when people use the content creation tools to re-post something someone else made. So I've taken it upon myself to categorize some of the major social networks.

Content Creation

  • Instagram (please don't repost photos from other users here, especially not without permission)
  • Vine
  • Facebook (generally these are photos you have taken, and thoughts that are your own)

Re-posting / Curation
  • Pinterest (careful what you pin, many people don't want their images showing up on Pinterest)
  • Svpply (most items that show up here are more than happy to be here, as it drives sales)
  • Google + (for the few that use it, it's generally a collection of interesting links)

  • Twitter (for most this is a place to curate links, but also many people put their own thoughts into tweets)
  • Tumblr (tumblr has a base of power users that create much of the content, but a majority of users are curating / reblogging the work of others)
  • Blogs in general (some people are curators, while others are more journalers)


  1. This is a topic upon which I reflect frequently, and I'm happy to see that my categories line up with yours!

  2. What a wonderful blog!!! So excited to read more.

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