Monday, May 7, 2012

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Online comments and other internet etiquette

This should be a no-brainer (it's 2012, people), but hateful and un-constructive comments on the internet are rude and childish.

A short list of things you should never say or do online:

  • Leave anonymous comments - if you are dearly trying to protect your identity, don't comment at all.
  • Call another person developmentally disabled - if the subject is truly developmentally disabled you are a bigot, and if they are not you are still a bigot.
  • Attempt to destroy the reputation of another person - this includes writing about them on your own blog or leaving comments on another site doing the same.
  • Most people find constructive criticism acceptable and even encourage it, but offering only a single word critique such as, "fail" should get you permanently removed from any site.
It is also a terrible offense to leave hateful comments up on your own site. If you are the content creator and/or editor and have the ability to delete comments that are libelous it is your responsibility to do so. This includes comments on sites such as Pinterest, Instagram or your very own blog. Your blog (or feed) is only as good as the lamest comments you allow.